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Top Tips For Moving Interstate

Date Posted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
Author: Removal.net
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Article Abstract:

Moving interstate can be a daunting process. Follow these simple tips to help make your transition an easy one.


A lot of planning need to go into every move. When you are moving interstate or long-distance even more planning may be involved. Following are some tips to make your interstate move run smoothly from start to finish.

Start Planning Early
The more planning you undertake early on, the easier you are likely to find the process of moving house. Organising your move will likely take longer than you think!

Clearly Label Your Furniture and Boxes
When you move interstate your goods will be traveling a long distance and they won't necessarily remain on the same truck that collected them. Labelling your goods properly will ensure that they are not mis-delivered and will make the process of unpacking a lot easier. When labelling your furniture and boxes, note your job refernce number (as provided by your removalists), your name, delivery address, contact numbers and a short description of the contents of any boxes you have.

Carry Important Documents, Medications and Valuables With You
Nothing could be worse than having important medications stuck on a truck in the middle of the outback when you need them most. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds for property, passports and other important documents and valuables should travel with you and be kept separate during the loading process.

Use Proper Packing Materials
Ensure your goods travel the distance by using purpose specific packing materials. Failing to do so could result in disaster!

Obey Quarantine Regulations
Strict quarantine regulations apply in many states that prohibit the transport of animals/pets, plants, soil, and other organic materials. Check with the quarantine department of the state that you are moving to, so that you an avoid breaking any relevant laws.

Lighten The Load
A quick and easy way to save money on your interstate move is to sell, donate, or otherwise dispose of any items that you don't need.

Be Flexible
When you increase the distance that you are moving, the greater the chance that hold ups will occur. Every year Australia is ravaged by flood, tropical cyclones, bushfire. These events, along with road closures, truck breakdowns, and others, cause delays. By being flexible you can reduce the stress that you're likely to incur when impacted by such events.

Stay In Contact
You should remain contactable through all parts of the moving process. Your removalists may need to contact you to arrange delivery, give you updated ETA's, and speak to you about access issues they may be facing.
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