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Storage Services in Sydney

Date Posted: Fri 07 Sep, 2012
Author: James Russell
Website: http://citymove.com.au/LocalMoves/Home.aspx

Article Abstract:

When moving in Sydney, there are many different parts of the move to think about. You obviously have the move itself to worry about, but what if that move canít happen all at once.


If you have to leave one of your properties before the other is ready, or if you are going away for a while, you might want to organise storage.
This is also an option when you are doing interstate removals, as there will usually be a gap between when your first house settles to when you arrive in the other state. We can organise storage services in Sydney and in most of the other major cities when in conjunction with an interstate move.
When organising storage, there are some things that do need to be considered. First, you need to consider the access that you would need to the items while they are in storage. Are they items that you would need to get out and do you need to add any more to the unit during the time that it will be in storage. If you do need constant access to it, then a self-storage is usually the best. However, if you are planning to store for a long time items that you will not need, then it is better to go with a removalist as they will be able to keep track of the items and they will be in a temperature-controlled, safe and secure storage facility.
Itís also easier to do as part of a move, as the removalist company in Sydney that you hire can move your items from the first address into storage, then back out into the drop off address. This takes the hassle away from needing to hire a removalist to bring the things into storage, organising the storage itself, and then organising the move out of storage.
And of course, if you are moving interstate, then it is also more helpful to organise storage through the removalist company as they usually quote the entire move with the storage included that you know the full price of the move and storage upfront instead of getting the items move from one state to another and then into storage and arranging redelivery into the new address.
Almost anything can be stored nowadays for a long period of time with no risk of damage as most storage facilities are temperature-controlled. Some things that you can store are: computers, home furnishings, antiques, pianos, linens, mattresses, electronic equipment, musical instruments and furs. You can also store many other items, but these are the items that you would usually be concerned about when organising storage for a move. These are also things that can be stored when you are not moving but just want to free up some room in your house.
At Citymove, we charge storage by the week instead of by the month and that means that you are only being charged for the amount of time that you actually have the items in storage, and not paying for an entire month when you only need the storage for a couple of weeks or even a few days. Most self-storage facilities are just per month billing and it doesnít really make sense for people that need their items only stored for a short period of time.
if you need to arrange some storage or even just a move, give us a call on 1300 72 9994 or check out some more information on our website http://citymove.com.au
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