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Preparing a Budget For Moving House

Date Posted: Thu 12 Apr, 2012
Author: Removal.net
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Article Abstract:

Moving house can be an expensive exercise. If you fail to budget correctly, the costs can soon add up. This article covers many of the costs involved in moving house to help you keep your budget on track.


Preparing an accurate budget is vital when moving house. There are many costs you're going to incur, so it's vital that you have accounted for them all in your budget.

Moving Costs

- Packing materials. Use only quality materials that are suited to the job. Always over-estimate the number of moving boxes you will need.

- The cost of redirecting your mail by Australia Post. You should make a list in the lead up to your move of incoming mail, so you can update your details quickly and stop paying redirection fees sooner.

- Insurance cover for your move. The importance of covering yourself during your move can't be understated. Check your current home and contents policy to see if you are already adequately covered, or seek additional cover from your removalists or specialist providers.

- Connection fees. You are likely to incur fees for connecting some utilities, telephone, internet, satellite TV, etc. These connection costs can run into hundreds of dollars, so make sure you budget for them and shop around for the best deals.

- If you're moving a long distance or interstate you may need to factor in the costs of driving, flying, purchasing the services of a car carrier, getting your pets transported and looked after during the course of your move. When moving interstate, at some point you are also going to have to re-register your car.

Get Multiple Quotes from Moving Companies
Make sure that you get quotes from several different companies for your move. That way you will get a clearer picture of how much your move should cost. Not all movers are the same. Be wary of quotes that seem to good to be true, as they may just be. Select a mover that has a competitive price, but gives you confidence that they can get the job done right.

Real Estate Fees
The costs you are going to incur here are going to vary greatly depending on your situation. Some common costs you may incur include:
- The cost of cleaning the residence that you are moving from, and the one that you are moving to.
- Fees charged by your mortgage provider.
- Stamp Duty
- Real Estate Agents fees
- The cost of hiring a conveyancer, and other legal fees
- Hiring a qualified home inspector to check out your new property
- Factor in some sort of contingency amount, for if something needs urgent fixing in your new home

Moving Yourself
If you are planning a DIY move you're going to incur a few of the following costs:

- Truck hire

- Insurance premium reduction for the hire truck

- Fuel for the truck. Make sure you return the vehicle with a full tank to avoid hefty charges from the rental company!

- The costs of required equipment. You should use purpose specific furniture removal equipment to limit the chances of breakage.

- Most importantly, a good feed and a slab of beer or bottle of wine for your helpers!
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