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Going Green On Your Next Move

Date Posted: Fri 05 Mar, 2010
Author: WebMoves P/L
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Article Abstract:

Moving house can be a costly exercise not only to you, but also to the environment. In this article, WebMoves shows how you can save money while reducing the impact of your next move on the environment. Moving does not have to cost the Earth!


The world is getting smaller and people are moving interstate at an ever increasing rate. The amount of waste and pollution produced during the average move can be significant. Often people believe that going green usually equals greater expense. When it comes to moving house, the exact opposite is true.

In terms of pollution, it makes sense that the less you are moving, the lower the emissions. Disposing of unwanted, unused or unnecessary goods rather than moving them can save you money and reduce the footprint of your next move.

Before your next move hold a garage sale or sell some of your goods at on-line auctions. You will reduce the size of your load, make some money, and the environment will thank you!

If some goods do not sell consider donating them to charity. It makes no sense to move unwanted or unnecessary furniture and donating your goods can help keep them from landfill.

One of the major waste byproducts of moving is your furniture removal cartons. Hundreds of thousands of removal cartons are used each year and many end up as landfill. We do recommend using purpose specific removal boxes rather than trying to reuse miscellaneous boxes from your local green grocer, for example, as proper removal cartons offer the protection your goods will require in transit. Buying used removal cartons can save you cash and gives boxes another lease on life. Check with your local storage facilities to see if they stock used furniture removal cartons. They may also buy them back off you at the end of your move!

If at the end of your move you find your boxes are too damaged to resell or reuse then make sure they are recycled, so they do not end up as landfill.

When you are packing up and clearing out be sure to dispose of any hazardous or toxic materials in an appropriate manner. You usually cannot transport such items. Check with your local council for waste drop off locations.

While it is the more expensive option, using butchers paper rather than newspaper to wrap fragile items is recommended because newspaper will leave grubby marks over your goods and can be difficult to remove. However, you can save some money and give the environment a hand by using newspaper as a gap filler in your cartons. Remember to recycle any leftover paper at the end of your move!

When it comes to your next move remember that moving does not have to cost the Earth!

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